Our Story

Our Story

Dr. Dennis Myles Golphin is an expert in business management for religious and non-profit organizations. With masters degrees in accounting, and business management and expertise in non-profit law, he has put to good use his years in the financial industry.

Dr Golphin’s expertise also includes administration and leadership skills. He is able to offer to all of his clientele the ability to become completely automated, from payroll, and accounts payable to inventory control and personnel management. He is also a professional clergyman with over 50 years in the ministry and over 30 years in business.

DMG Professional Services has been in existence for over thirty (30) years. We specialize in non-profit organizations including churches, community based groups, and small not for profit businesses. Our clientele is nationwide with no organization too small or too large for our expertise . Although our home offices are based in Raleigh, NC we often travel to our clients to insure that all of their financial needs are met with expediency and



WE BELIEVE that churches and ministries need to develop effective organizational and management skills for leadership development.

WE BELIEVE that churches and ministries should establish firm biblical and business principles of accounting, management, stewardship, and ministry services.

WE BELIEVE we must strengthen the total ministry of these organizations. Our services are geared not to replace but to reinforce and enhance your total organization. Because of this, a great deal of our work is done in the background as consultants and advisors, equipping ministries and ministers with the most effective techniques to insure success.

WE KNOW the principle and techniques used in our consultant and advisory program are effective and productive for your ministry.

“We Specializing in consulting for non- profit religious organizations.”

What We Do?

What We Do?

Dr. Golphin founded the firm over 30yrs ago with a desire to tackle the most challenging tax & church financial issues.

If you are having issues and need help guiding your company to success Contact DMG Professional Services today to set up a free consultation!

With A Team of The Finest Professionals In The Country, 
We Have A Strong Commitment To Christian  Business Ethics.

~DMG Professional Services P.A.